physiotherapy, not what you expect.

Do you expect the worst from physiotherapy? So did Joe. See how his expectations align with reality at Nuffield Health.

This ad was produced for Nuffield Health’s most recent physiotherapy acquisition campaign. It’s based on people’s misconception around what to expect from a physiotherapy session. The project took around three weeks to turnaround and was released early in September 2017. Everything was shot in the UK over three days.

The concept was developed by myself and Chris Brunner (Senior Content Producer, Nuffield Health). We wanted to take the brand in a slightly new direction, using comedy to connect with our audience. It was well received and has since been edited to incorporate up-to-date branding. Plans are also in place to extend its use into 2017 as an acquisition tool.

Directing / Cinematography / Editing  / Colour Grading
RED Weapon CF / Cooke S41 Minis / LitePanels & Joker Bug