A new approach

This project involved a collaboration with Ninety One, a leading global asset manager, to create a series of explainer videos. The goal was two-fold: to demystify investment concepts and to explain the investment methodology behind Ninety One’s core product offerings.

In this project, I served as a multi-faceted creative, handling the filming of all educational segments. Capturing high-quality visuals that effectively illustrated key investment concepts and Ninety One’s specific approach was paramount. Following filming, I took the reins on the editing process, ensuring the videos flowed seamlessly and delivered the information in a clear and concise manner. Furthermore, I crafted the sound design for each video, ensuring clarity of audio and creating an engaging soundscape. Finally, I brought the investment concepts and product methodology to life through the development of visually appealing motion graphics and animations.

My collaboration with content leads and investment teams resulted in a strategically sound and engaging podcast series for Ninety One's 2024 Investment Views campaign.

I managed the multimedia production side of Ninety One’s 2023 “Investment Views” campaign, leading the development of its video and podcast content. This ambitious initiative sought to dissect the evolving global economic landscape for investors, offering them clear guidance amidst market uncertainty. My expertise in storytelling and visual communication proved invaluable in distilling complex financial concepts into easily understood, visually engaging formats. I collaborated extensively with content specialists and investment teams, ensuring each video and podcast episode seamlessly supported the campaign’s overarching message of positioning for a new market cycle.

My responsibilities covered the entire production process. I developed original creative concepts that balanced clarity with visual appeal. I managed on-location filming, guaranteeing high-quality footage that captured the expertise of Ninety One’s thought leaders. My editing skills were crucial in crafting a cohesive narrative flow, while my motion design work incorporated dynamic elements that highlighted key takeaways and enhanced viewer engagement. The positive reception and reach of the “Investment Views” campaign underscore my ability to blend technical proficiency with a keen understanding of how to educate, inform, and captivate diverse audiences.