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My role at ZOE, a revolutionary tech start-up in the personalized nutrition space, saw me spearheading their entire video content production. This encompassed everything from concept development to final delivery. I was fortunate to be part of ZOE’s exciting journey, being actively involved in their comprehensive re-brand and successful UK launch.

The challenge lay in translating complex nutritional science and personalized health data into engaging, easily digestible video formats. My work helped educate consumers about ZOE’s innovative approach, empowering them to make informed choices about their diet and overall well-being. This aligns with my philosophy of using video as a powerful tool for both education and brand storytelling.


As the lead videographer and editor for ZOE’s U.K. launch, I played a pivotal role in crafting the brand’s visual identity. I spearheaded the production of dynamic video content that showcased ZOE’s innovative approach to nutrition and personalized health tracking. My work spanned product explainers, customer testimonials, and engaging social media campaigns, all carefully designed to drive awareness and excitement around this revolutionary health platform.

My meticulous editing style ensured a seamless and compelling narrative throughout each piece. Through a blend of cinematic footage, engaging motion graphics, and powerful storytelling, I brought ZOE’s vision to life on screen. The success of this campaign was undeniable. Our YouTube channel surged to over 100,000 subscribers, while our content played a significant role in securing two prestigious Drum Awards. Most importantly, our efforts contributed to building a massive waiting list of over 750,000 eager customers, positioning ZOE for phenomenal growth.

My innovative approach to video production and editing created visually stunning digital ads that maximized audience engagement and elevated ZOE's brand presence.

One of my major focuses at ZOE was spearheading the development of highly effective digital ads for marketing campaigns. Understanding the power of personalization, I implemented strategies to tailor our ad content to specific audiences. This involved meticulously analyzing customer demographics, behaviors, and interests to create messaging that truly resonated with different segments of our target market.

Whether it was crafting eye-catching social media ads, developing targeted display campaigns, or producing engaging video ads, I always kept personalization at the forefront. I utilized A/B testing to refine messaging and visuals, ensuring each ad was optimized for maximum impact. This personalized approach consistently drove higher engagement rates and conversions, further solidifying the critical role of tailored content within ZOE’s marketing strategy.

I 🎥 genuine customer experiences in compelling testimonial videos that boosted ZOE's credibility and brand trust.

Filming customer testimonials for ZOE was a rewarding experience that allowed me to connect with real people and showcase the transformative impact of the platform. Before hitting record, I prioritized building rapport with each participant. This started with a relaxed pre-interview, helping them feel comfortable sharing their stories on camera.

My focus was on authenticity. I preferred a conversational approach, guiding participants with open-ended questions that encouraged genuine and heartfelt responses. Carefully considering lighting, composition, and audio quality, I ensured a professional and polished final product. In the editing room, I meticulously selected the most powerful and relatable moments, crafting testimonials that resonated deeply with prospective customers and highlighted ZOE’s life-changing potential.