health mot.

Health MOT is a bespoke service offered by Nuffield Health that provides gym members with a face-to-face health assessment every three months. This acts as an important retention mechanism for Nuffield Health and a key market differentiator. Following customer research, it was revealed that younger demographics had a weak understanding of the product. This prompted the business to focus on Health MOT, for upcoming campaigns and produce creative to support.

The project was devised between myself and Content Producer Caroline Tecks and aims to create excitement and intrigue. The narrative is divided up into four sub-segments and display themes of determination, resilience, commitment, struggle and ultimately; progress. Each gymgoer has their own goal and the visuals demonstrate that the tailored services offered by Nuffield Health empower them to achieve it. Overall the project was well received, with the visuals featuring heavily in marketing material going into 2019.

Directing / Cinematography / Editing  / Colour Grading
RED Epic Dragon / Sigma ART Zooms / LiteMat & LitePanels