F*@k it, we'll do it live!

Understanding the power of visual storytelling, I designed videos specifically for Ninety One’s industry-leading events, aiming to captivate audiences and create a memorable experience. Collaborating closely with their marketing and event teams, I ensured the videos seamlessly aligned with the theme and tone of each event.

My focus was on delivering visually dynamic content that broke away from traditional presentations. I embraced a mix of motion graphics, bold typography, and captivating cinematography to create videos that were both informative and visually arresting. The goal was to spark curiosity, hold attention, and elevate the overall event atmosphere. This approach played a key role in setting Ninety One’s events apart, fostering a sense of excitement and engagement among attendees.

The cornerstone of each event’s video content was the “welcome video.” This crucial piece served as the first impression for clients, setting the stage and piquing their interest in the topics to be discussed. I meticulously crafted these welcome videos to be visually striking, incorporating dynamic visuals that hinted at the event’s key themes. The goal was to create a sense of anticipation and intrigue, ensuring that attendees were fully engaged from the moment they took their seats.

To further elevate the visual impact of Ninety One’s events, I went beyond studio-based content creation. I skillfully incorporated striking frames of the external environment, showcasing the venue’s unique setting and surrounding cityscapes. This included deploying drone cinematography to capture breathtaking aerial perspectives, adding a sense of scale and grandeur to the event videos. These carefully integrated external shots not only reinforced a sense of place but also provided a treasure trove of visuals for future campaigns. I even transformed some of these captivating drone frames into stunning illustrations, further extending the reach and impact of Ninety One’s event experience.